Action Park Media

by Geki | Jun 2, 2021 | Entertainment

Action Park Media is a very popular kids franchise. The game is very well done and the characters are just fun to watch. I am a big fan of the TV show and I have to say that this game is in the same league. Here are some things that this game has to offer you.

Action Park Media

The game itself is very well done. There are several different modes that can be played with this. You can play the campaign or the single-player game. The campaign is a little bit slower but it offers more content. It is exciting because there are a lot of things that you can do in the game to make things different each time. Each level has something new to offer.

In the single-player game your task is to save the city by stopping a robot from destroying it. Everything that you do is up to you so you really have to think about what actions to take. This is a great game for kids who really want to have some freedom to do anything that they want in the game. You can even choose to stay on whatever level you started at.

Your character can get hurt during the game. There are various parts of the character that will be damaged as well. The legs and arms will be damaged. Some of the features include blood, injuries, and bruises. The bruises look real and they are also animated.

The music in this game is excellent. There are a couple of songs that are played throughout the game. They are entertaining and kids really seem to like them. The bad guys also have their own theme song. It is funny to see the bad guys go into a song and that they are fighting a robot.

Each level has a series of challenges that are given to you. Some of these are to get through a certain number of stages in the game. Others require you to perform tricks or stunts. The action hero kids seem to love playing these games.

If you are a parent, you can actually save your progress of this game on your home computer. You can then transfer it to an iPhone so that you can continue playing on the go. You can also export your game to other devices such as Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and so on. You can even export it to your Mac so that you can play with your kid in real life. Playing it on the go is fun and you can continue where you left off.

This is a wonderful application that allows you to have an enjoyable gaming experience while making the most of your media player. It is easy to load it up and start playing. There are various levels so that you can choose which you would like to play. The graphics are very nice and the character models are detailed. It is one of those games that kids will not tire of playing.

The majority of kids seem to like Sponge Bob, his friends Patrick Star, Squidward, and crabby. They even have a couple of special features that allow them to play as their favorite character. You can save your progress on this application so that when you want to play again you can simply select it from the main menu and pick the character you were playing as before.

Another great feature is that there are some very advanced physics system that allows the ball to roll around. It is really impressive how realistic it looks. You should be aware that the game does include some nudity, suggestive themes and some blood, but fortunately these things are not too graphic. It is a bit risque though, so if you do not want to see blood you may want to avoid this game.

When you are playing as Sponge Bob and winning a level you will earn gems which can be used for purchasing new Sponge Bob costumes. These outfits come in all sizes, including tiny ones. There are also extra bonus features which will make this game much more fun. For example, you can transform your character into a bear or a lion, you can give him a rocket jump, and surfboards for driving.

There are so many cool features packed into this game that it is hard to imagine another animated kid’s app that has so much content. You can even play with up to four characters at once! The graphics are top notch and really lively. Kids will have hours of fun playing this exciting action park game with their friends.