How to Buy the Best Listerby Coffee Table

by Geki | Jun 2, 2021 | Home, Shopping

Listerby Coffee Table is a high quality coffee table with elegant legs. This sturdy table with full-size maple wood frame lasts a very long time because lacquer maintains the fine hardwood look and also protects the strong ash. The lightweight and neat design makes Listerby coffee table quite easy to put on and fit with many other existing furniture. It is finished with lacquer that resists stains and gives long-lasting beauty and elegance.

The adjustable top is supported by metal leg rails which make it easy for you to raise and lower the bottom end of the table. Listerby uses heavy-gauge aluminum for the legs and corners. The legs are ribbed to provide a warm comfortable feeling and to prevent the table from moving around. The top and sides are made of dense natural wood with a modern yet slightly worn finish.

Listerby Coffee Table

The front surface has been made even more durable by a protective coating of lacquer, which also helps it keep its natural wood feel. The solid beech veneer, tinted clear acrylic lacquer is used as a medium that helps give depth to the wood and gives an overall warm and rich look. To ensure longevity and durability of the table top has been treated chemically with premium resins. This treatment helps extend the shelf life of the Listerby Coffee Table and adds years of quality and enjoyment.

Due to the fact the table top is solid beech veneer the Listerby also makes a great family and accent furniture piece. This means that you can decorate the room in a way that everyone in the household will feel at home. If you want the dining room to look like a five-star restaurant then use solid beech veneer. If you like to have your books and magazines handy then use a particleboard cover.

Listerby uses solid beech veneer, tinted clear acrylic and natural hardwood. The beech veneer has been treated with a polyurethane coating to give it extra strength and durability. Because the Listerby is solid beech veneer, particleboard edges are not visible. Each piece is assembled carefully and the process ensures that each piece is the finest of quality.

Because there are not any visible seams on the Listerby table top, spills are very difficult to clean up. Even if you just wipe your finger across the surface you will not find anything. Because the Listerby uses a solid beech veneer, there is no cracking or warping. Another reason why Listerby Coffee Table is a great addition to your home is because you can purchase the legs separately and assemble them yourself. This process will allow you to customize the table according to your own preferences.

The Listerby Coffee Table also has four sturdy legs, making it strong enough to hold up against even the most ardent lounger. However, the legs are not skid resistant. You will need to wipe the legs with a damp cloth after every time you use the table to prevent water from getting underneath the legs. If the legs stick up too high, then you may want to consider buying a chair that matches the style of the table. The thick cushion on the back of most chairs makes the Listerby feel comfortable and enhances the airy design made by the veneer.

The price range of Listerby coffee tables can start as low as $150 and go all the way up to several thousand dollars. Regardless of the price you pay, you are sure to receive a top quality table. If you are looking to add something special to your living room or den, then this is definitely the table for you. The wood grains will give you a vintage look and a coffee table made from this material can easily be added to an existing furniture set. Whatever your decorating taste is, Listerby fits in nicely with all of it.