Peppermint Oil Bug Spray

by Geki | Jun 1, 2021 | Health, Shopping

You may have never heard of peppermint oil bug sprays, but these essential oils have been used for years to treat insect and fungal infections. The most common way they are used is to kill ants and other pests in the home or business. You can also use them around pets and children to keep them away from harm.

Peppermint Oil Bug Spray

When you apply a peppermint oil bug spray, you have an effective chemical that repels pests. They kill bugs on contact, but they don’t touch the pests themselves. They penetrate deeply into the skin and work deep into the muscles. This causes an instantaneous feeling of heat and comfort, as well as a lingering sense of relaxation.

You can use a peppermint oil bug spray to kill bed bugs in your home. Most people are shocked to learn that many insecticides used to kill bed bugs are hazardous to your health. The poisons have been proven to cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting. While they will temporarily kill bed bugs, they can also kill you if you become ill while using them. There are alternatives that are natural and safe to use.

Peppermint and eucalyptus oil are some of the main ingredients in bug repellents designed to repel pests. Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in bug repellents, because of its pungent scent. It is used to repel mice and other small animals. Peppermint is often used in deodorants and other personal care products. Both oils are also used to treat skin infections, cuts, and burns. A few drops of peppermint oil on the burn can stop the pain almost instantly.

Peppermint oil is available in many forms, including creams, shampoos, soaps, and candles. It can be found in some products that repel pests like ants, mosquitoes, and termites. It is the essential oil, or fragrance that produces the calming effect. While essential oils may not have any side effects, they are usually not recommended for children, women who are pregnant, and people with allergies. Essential oils are also strong, and you should not take large amounts of essential oils unless advised by a doctor.

To make a simple, inexpensive remedy peppermint oil bug spray, mix one ounce of essential oil with a dime size of club soda and a half-cup of water. Shake the mixture and let it steep for five minutes. Strain the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle. Next, shake the bottle vigorously and let it sit for five minutes before using it.

You can make your own peppermint and vinegar repellant by combining them with alcohol. The solution is as simple as placing three drops of the vinegar in a cup of hot water. Next, add one ounce of peppermint oil and mix them thoroughly. Lastly, fill the can with pure, unflavored water and cap tightly.

This popular homemade concoction has been used for centuries as a rat repellent, insect repellant, and mint oil insect repellant. While it can’t substitute commercial products, it does share a lot of the same properties, such as de-stressing and cooling properties, that commercial repellents have. If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive, non-toxic repellent to use in your home, you may want to try this option. As an added bonus, peppermint oil is good for your skin!

Silica Gel: The last, but definitely not least, are the many different natural ingredients that make up the best natural bed bug treatments around. Silica gel is probably best known for being a component of the successful carpet bug spray. It is a natural, odorless substance which quickly and effectively kills pests, including bed bugs. Like all the other ingredients we’ve discussed here, it is very easy to make. For a home use, just pour the silica gel into a spray bottle and spray all bed bug locations, including cracks, seams, and under floorboards.

Diatomaceous Earth: Just as its name indicates, diatomaceous earth is a fossilized version of dead plants and animals. While it doesn’t kill or repel insects, it does contain a substance that blocks the creatures’ excretions, preventing them from developing eggs and migrating to new places. This substance also keeps the area cool, preventing bugs from chilling too much while moving about. When combined with silica gel, diatomaceous earth can effectively treat all affected areas, although its efficacy hasn’t been proven in any controlled trials.

As you can see, pest control products are designed to kill or repel pests, and there are several very effective ways to do that. However, sometimes it isn’t enough to simply spray a bug spray. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use more drastic methods to completely exterminate an infestation. Bed bugs are not the only pests that can invade your home. In fact, they are quite easy to exterminate once you have determined the best approach. Using the above methods to exterminate these pesky insects will leave you with peace of mind and a clean slate when next you take on the task of keeping your home free of pests.