Personal Finance Guru Who Lived In A Van

by Geki | May 31, 2021 | Finance

One of the best kept secrets of Personal Finance is that none of us live by it. The one thing you would like to know is, how did this person or that person manage to get to where they are today? You would want to know about their background, what personal finance gurus they relied on, and even where the guru got his knowledge.

If you have been to a lot of seminars and courses on money management, you would realize that these are all based on a theory of supply and demand. So, let’s say that you go to a seminar about putting your money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. and there are a bunch of people all doing the same things that will result in the same outcome. There will be one person who is doing really well with his investments and he has a list of people that he depends on for advice. He wouldn’t share his information with any of them because he knows the value that they could provide to him.

Personal Finance Guru Who Lived In A Van

If you were such a guru, you would not be limiting yourself by saying, “No, I can’t afford to buy that because it would make me feel bad.” You would think to yourself, “Why shouldn’t I use every advantage that I can get my hands on?” You would be an achiever instead of just another person going through the motions. This is why there are so many people who can claim to be personal finance gurus, but don’t carry themselves with the confidence that you would expect out of them.

You would also be surprised to find out that your personal finance guru had nothing to do with the stock market and everything to do with being a good parent. Many gurus spend most of their time being a stay at home parent and raising a family. They never learned anything about managing money. When you walk into a financial planning services office and have a guru to tell you that you should invest in the stock market because it’s a good way to make money, you shouldn’t listen to him. After all, he didn’t come up through the ranks of the corporate ladder, he learned from his parents.

Another example is the personal finance guru who lived in a small house on a lake. She never had much money and she lived a simple life. She was always thankful for the little things in her life. When someone offered her a chance to buy herself a fancy car or go on vacation, she told them no thanks. She knew that it would take a lot of effort and a large amount of money to accomplish these things.

Some gurus do provide people with advice. However, you have to ask very specific questions in order to determine if this person really knows what he is talking about. Most gurus will claim to have the solution to your problem, but only if they are willing to spend a lot of time teaching you how others have solved their own problems. You should find out where the guru got the answers that he offers. For example, if someone suggested that you should buy a particular stock, find out why it made a good choice for him.

When looking for a personal finance guru, ask other people who have tried and trusted that particular guru. See if their advice holds any water. If a certain guru has helped someone close to you financially, then you may want to consider trying his or her system. After all, your happiness depends on finding a system that works for you.

The point is, personal finance gurus really do exist. They are just a little harder to find than a life coach. However, if you’re willing to look, you can find one who can help you improve your life. Once you have found the personal-finance guru who lived in a mansion and had million-dollar houses, you will be able to take advantage of all that he knew.