Elongated Muskrat Meme – What is It?

by Geki | May 27, 2021 | Entertainment

My friend from Sweden named Elongated Muskrat Meme has a cute little kitty named Karma that resides with her in our house. I am not sure if she is a purebred yet but she does have the markings of a tabby. She is smallish and light brown in color with lots of white. She was brought to us by her mother, who is from Thailand. They had to bring her over because their original cat was ill and passed away.

Elongated Muskrat Meme

Elongated means large or enormous and she fits the bill perfectly. Karma just happens to be a name that I chose for her. In my mind she is a big beautiful girl that deserves all the good names that are available for little girls.

She is such a sweet little cat. When I picked her up from the Humane Society, we were told she weighed seven pounds and looked like she could be a tomcat. I guess she is not a tomcat but she is one pretty little lady that enjoy playing around. I named her Elongated because when I put her in her carrier, I could feel the softness of her fur. This is one of the nice things about having a pet cat, you can feel a part of them.

Karma has quite a few friends. She knows that everyone has their own space to relax and sleep. The other cats love to hang out with her too. They call her Elongated because she is so affectionate, always ready to cuddle up with them.

My husband, Jim, got Elongated when he named her after his own mother. He thought that it would be a great name for a pretty girl. We live on a farm so the weather is really hot most of the time and she likes to snuggle up with me under the blanket. That is where she got her name from.

Karma is still a cute kitten, barely over two years old. She is sweet and loves to play with you. Our neighbors thought she was so adorable when they gave her to us as a baby shower gift. She is so cute that we have already adopted her. We chose the name Elongated because she likes to wear my earrings so when we go out together she is in my earrings. You can see how she has become so attached to them.

The other name of Elongated Muskrat Meme is quite appropriate as she is our furry little friend. When you are out with her, she tends to jump all over you. At one time she was jumping all over my left leg. We don’t throw her out as she gets older, we just leave her at home in her doggie bed.

You can find Elongated Muskrat Meme on many websites on the internet. You will find her name in articles, she has her picture and all sorts of information about her. Many people are commenting and telling their story about the name Elongated and how they use it. There are even web sites that are dedicated to her.

Some sites say Elongated means “love” others will say it’s more about her personality. You will also see some people that will use words like spoiled little brat or maybe even a small mouthful for pet. Whatever it is, she has become quite a celebrity in her own right. She goes on chat shows and interviews and gives advice on various things. You can even find her on YouTube playing music and telling stories.

People are always asking me what does Elongated mean? Well when I am thinking about her name, I think she is a rebel, she is funny, she is a rebel without a cause. She loves animals and loves to share. One thing she won’t do is take any credit for any of her accomplishments. She loves to feel like she is helping people, but she is the one setting up the chair.

I think she would be an excellent First Lady if her dad didn’t die. She would make a great Mom and I think she would do a great job as President of the United States. The other day, someone asked me how she could do it, I told her you have to think outside the box, you have to find a way to get the information out and people have to listen. And she told me if she had found a way to do that she would have been one of the greats, one of the great minds of our time, and she deserves it.

She really does look like she is in the acting business, she has a brown hair cut and a little bit of cheekbones, she looks good. One thing she should do is grow a goatee, she needs to grow that beard off a lot. In fact she probably should shave her head bald. Oh, and let’s not forget her nails, she has a nice set of manicured nails and those nails look great. Consider all this in 2021.